Procrastination Station 12/04/11

I’m sick, so this is all you get. Don’t judge me. Most of it has to do with the business end of writing, though, so there’s that.

News from Lightspeed – I think it’s going to be a better magazine.

How Sausage is Made-Selling a Short Story – Oddly, this made me feel a little better.

Fahrenheit 451 to be released as an e-book despite Bradbury’s wishes – Am I the only one who thinks this is sick and twisted? Irony, anyway? Man, I really hate corporations.

10 Mistakes SFF Writers Make with Research – a little wordy, but yeah, I agree.

Informal Checklist for Author Websites – Good info to have.

Five Manifestos for the Creative Life – I like Holstee the best. Generally I don’t like feely good motivational-type things. I like manifestos, though. Manifestos smack of revolution. And hey, you gotta believe in something…uh, don’t you?

And now, if you don’t mind, I”m going to crawl off into a hole and die.

Procrastination Station 12/1/11

Deep, deep in procrastination mode today – I have a ten page conference paper due later, so naturally I’m searching the web for fun and completely irrelevant material on which to spend my time.


Anne Rice on Sparkly Vampires – Anne’s gone a little off the Res in the last few years, if you ask me, but Louis is still my favorite vampire of all time, so I’ll listen. I love that her vampires feel sorry for their sparkly literary kin who are doomed to endlessly repeat high school.  I feel sorry for them, too.

Bound by Tradition – For over one thousand years, it was customary in China to mutilate little girls’ feet to make them more attractive. I’m all for cultural sensitivity, but wow. How painful it must have been for all those millions of children.

Inside the Mind of an Octopus – My new life’s goal is to be a friend to an octopus.

Bram Stoker Awards 2011 Reading List – Some good stuff on here.

Ouka – Oh, my god, I cannot believe I have been reduced to this. Oh, wait, yes I can.